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Financial Planning

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People are always in the pursuit of happiness. True peace of mind comes from knowing that we have done our job well. Aside from meeting day-to-day duties like food, shelter, and clothing, our lives also entail liabilities like kid education, child marriage, and retirement. A financial plan is required to successfully manage those liabilities.

An annual financial plan is a sort of roadmap that tells you where you are financially right now, what your goals are for the future, and what areas or concerns need to be handled in order to accomplish those goals. The plan addresses every facet of your financial life, from investment to your retirement prospects.

Simply put, financial planning is the process of reaching your life goals through proper resource management. Financial planning enhances your life by giving meaning and direction to your financial decisions. It helps you strike the right balance between your current and future lifestyles.


4 Steps To Make The Right Financial Plan For You 

We focus on understanding your current financial situation, assets, responsibilities, plans, and, most importantly, YOU.


Client Assessment

Risk Assessment


Understanding your Risk Profile is the first step in planning for your various life stage goals. Risk appetite and risk tolerance are two critical components of a risk profile. Risk appetite indicates how much risk you are ready to take, whereas risk tolerance indicates how much risk your financial situation can withstand. It determines asset allocation and the time frame required to achieve your objectives.

Based on the information you provide, with our expertise, we will offer Financial Planning, Asset allocation and Investment recommendations that address your goals at this moment. 


Assessment for Asset allocation

Presenting the plan


Your model portfolio will be constructed, with allocation to different asset classes, including equity, mutual funds and debt based on your risk profile and financial goals.


Why Tikona Capital?


 Experienced professionals

SEBI registered Investment advisors

Assessing and planning the appropriate approach and plan for you

Recommend asset allocation and model portfolios

Create and manage a multi-asset portfolio that includes equities, mutual funds and debt

Periodic monitoring and review of your progress on goals

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