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Build long-term wealth
by investing in
high-quality businesses


Welcome to Tikona Capital

Tikona Capital is a SEBI Registered entity specialized in Investment Advisory, Research Analysis, and Equity Portfolio Advisory focused on providing Wealth Management Services and Financial Planning, driven by in-depth research, professional network, and strong conviction to C-suite executives, Working professionals, High Net worth Individuals, Family Offices, Corporates, and Institutions.

Our investment counsel centres around client financial well-being, realistic data analysis, and extensive in-house research. Our purpose is to generate healthy returns and promote financial freedom by inducing savings, goal planning and prudent asset allocation by investing in a disciplined manner to accomplish goals.

At Tikona, our belief is driven by creating finite solutions in an environment of infinite availability and volatility of financial products. The triangle in our logo represents the finite filtering out of unknowable edges from the circle-the ultimate unknowability of nature.

Our Beliefs

We believe in the realistic assessment of our life liabilities, and that the right solution of cash flows with patience can create generous wealth over the life cycle. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to help our customers build wealth through high-quality business investments that offer sustainable and compounded risk-adjusted returns.

Our Mission

To help our customers accomplish their financial goals through investment solutions and model portfolios. 

Our Approach to build Portfolio


Sector opportunity, growth drivers, profitability enablers, capital efficiency.

Avoid high-cyclical, commodity, high-regulatory or highly competitive businesses that lead to erosion of market share and returns.

Generating healthy Return on equity with low leverage and efficient capital allocation.

Leadership to create differentiation by product/technology/talent pool/scale, pricing power and anti-fragility.

Valuations are a function of the quality of management, returns on equity and longevity.

We evaluate businesses generating returns higher than their cost of capital Reasonable valuations: P/E, P/B, EV/EBITDA, P/S, DCF etc.


The Brain Behind Tikona,
Sumit Poddar


Our founder, Sumit Poddar, has over a decade and a half of experience in Equities, Investments and Portfolio Management, working as the Fund Manager and Head of Equities with top institutions of the country like Aditya Birla Sunlife, Star Union Dai-ichi Life Insurance, and Tata Consultancy Services. He has managed over 2,000 Cr of AUM with the above financial organizations. He is an All India Rank holder in Chartered Accountancy, having completed CFA level 2 and Bachelors of Commerce from Mumbai University. During his tenure with the above institutions, he established his wealth-creation skills by formulating and building stock portfolios based on top-down and bottom stock-picking strategies to achieve competitive, sustainable returns. Stock selection and allocation to the portfolio are driven by deep industry/company research, competitive analysis, and due consideration of global/domestic macroeconomics, interest rate environments, and differentiating earnings growth in such environments. He has managed portfolios including Large-cap funds, midcap funds, balanced funds, absolute return funds, and the highest NAV funds. He managed Aditya Birla Sunlife Insurance - Value and Momentum fund, which delivered the highest return in FY17, outperforming the small-cap and midcap funds in mutual funds or the insurance industry, thereby more than doubling the AUM of the fund. Learning from experienced professionals and investment gurus across the span, some of whom are his mentors, and applying his solid foundational skills and tricky figure crunching and analytical talents to uncover investment possibilities. His strength is years of experience in discovering not-so-fashionable investment ideas and building a formidable exposure to gain in multiples. Most of these ideas have had a base of solid fundamentals, differentiated business models, and capable management.

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