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Equity Portfolio Advisory


You want to invest in the stock market but lack the time and knowledge to manage your account. Which stocks should you buy, and how should your portfolio be structured? Tikona Capital is the company you can entrust your investing journey to.


We all want to invest, develop, and sustain wealth, whether we are just starting out in the equity markets or are seasoned investors. At Tikona Capital, our goal is to make wealth creation a straightforward, accessible, and long-term endeavour.


What is an Equity Portfolio Advisory?

Our equity portfolio advisory service is geared toward mid- to long-term equity market investors who value a disciplined investment approach.

Our investment philosophy is to create wealth by investing in high-quality firms at appropriate relative valuations that provide long-term, compounded risk-adjusted returns on concentrated exposure.

Why choose a Equity Portfolio Advisory ?


Our services offer tailored equity investment solutions to meet the financial objectives of a wide spectrum of clients, including CXOs, HNIs, UHNIs, and family offices.

We provide a number of portfolios, including large-cap, multi-cap, and thematic, from which investors can select according on their risk tolerance.

Our Advisory is non-discretionary in nature, allowing you to retain complete control over your stocks and money while seeking professional guidance.


Why Tikona Capital?

shutterstock_1746333059 [Converted]-01.png

Detailed consultation call to understand your goal and preference

We help you build a diversified portfolio to balance risk and sustainable returns


Quality and thoroughly researched stock selection


Disciplined approach and periodic monitoring


100% Transparent


Every Portfolio is customized to your needs on the following basis:

Your risk tolerance

are you a risk-taking, conservative, or moderate investor?

Your investment objectives and interests

 long-term or short-term investments? 

Your thematic preferences

Globalization, Technification, Clean Energy, Formalisation, Consumerism, Financialization.

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